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  • Are you telling the whole story ?


  • Long gone are the days of single media

    …welcome to the multi platform experience! Sagitta media will help you stand out from the crowd, reaching out to your costumers where they usually hangout.

  • Target

    Target new audiences by producing your content in a wide range of media formats, such as video, photography and e-books. 


    Maximise the impact of your social networks by continuously offering your followers a varied and rich media experience.


     Increase the shelf life of your products by applying a multi platform strategy.

    Reach out

    Reach out to your clients in their favourite social networks using their preferred media formats

  • Above and below...

    Here’s an example of a Multi Platform Production by Sagitta Media for Mic Bytes including promo video (play above) and event flyers (scroll below).

    The creative brief also included live projectionsphotographsvideo production, interactive rich media google map,  and social networks (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).