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  • Jeremy Irons - Prologue

    Sagitta Media filmed an outstanding cast of UK actors and writers as part of this unique and much relevant campaign, including Maxine Peake, Zoë Wanamaker, Christopher Eccleston, Lesley Sharp and Sheila Hancock amongst many others. You can discover the videos as they’re published one a day over the month.
    The campaign is in partnership with Comma Press, Kent University and Refugee Tales.
    You can join in by sharing, sharing and sharing the videos as they’re published. We want to change the law!
    Read all about it https://www.28for28.org/
  • Manchester United / Adidas

    Mancheter United’s new Adidas uniform launch

    Editor / Colourist


  • Man On The Moon

    by Keisha Thompson

    Winner of the Best Studio Production by Manchester Theatre Awards 2018

    Multi Camera Video Producer (whole play & promo)

  • Commapress

    2016 Grad Fair

    Video Producer / camera / edit

  • Missing

    Innovative immersive play produced by Horsfall at 42nd Street

    Multi Camera Video Producer 

    Video Producer for play media content.

  • Our Sagitta Media Ad

    Video Production / Live Web Streaming

    Multi Platform Production / Media Training & Consultancy

  • Gola

    What’s your GOLA?

    Editor / Colourist

  • The excitement of Broadcast Television

    Broadcast TV Showreel

    Promo Video

  • A Manchester Creative Hub & Event

    Mic Bytes

    Multi Platform Production

  • Hairdressing in style!

    With Dilan

    Promo video

    Colour Grading

  • Julie Gordon

    at Pocketful, 3MT

  • Amanda Milligan

    at Pocketsoul, 3MT

  • FH2O

    Drama with REELmcr

    Co Director / Camera / Editor / Colourist