MIF Digital Workshops

As a response to the challenges Creatives are currently facing, Sagitta Media and MIF – Manchester International Festival, teamed up to deliver a series of 5 online workshops on supporting artists and freelancers with digital tips and training. The aim is to boost Creatives when continuing their works in progress, as well as inspiring them to confidently produce new work using accessible technologies.

Supported by Manchester International Festival #MIFCreatives2020

Session 1 

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Getting the best quality out of the cameras you have at home. i.e. phone cameras, webcams, DSLRs & consumer digital cameras.

Session 2 

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Tips on lighting set ups to create different moods and on improving the sound quality of your recordings using what you have at home. Using free video editing software.

Session 3 

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Creative collaboration tools for producing video, recording audio and collaborating on still images, i.e. ftrack and mural.

Session 4 

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Live streaming software recommendations, best live streaming practices and using subtitles or BSL – British Sign Language in your streams.