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walking towards the better imagined

Refugee Tales

I’m delighted in teaming up with Shamshad Khan to join Refugee Tales on the walk from Brighton to Hastings, live-streaming conversations with walkers, music events and readings from Refugee Tales vol.III along the way. Sagitta Media is opening a window on the walk for audiences online being able to ‘walk’ with us on this unique journey. The theme this year is ‘Walking towards the better imagined’.

To see the staggering ensemble of contributors please visit this link. To read more about the walk please visit this link. To know the writers involved in the Refugee Tales books, published by Comma Press, please visit this link. You can find Shamshad Khan’s bio below the map on this page. We hope you can join us in the live streams over the next 5 days and participate by leaving your comments and thoughts on social networks. The walk will be live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

See you then! Ricardo, Sagitta Media

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Shamshad Khan

Shamshad Khan

Shamshad Khan

Poet and Resilience Coach

Shamshad Khan is a poet and coach in creative writing and resilience. She works with individuals and organisations using writing as a tool to empower and engage. Her poetry collection “Megalomaniac”, published by “Salt Publishing” was studied on the Lancaster University English Literature degree course. She has collaborated with theatres including The Horse and Bamboo Theatre with whom Shamshad co-wrote/directed the multi-media show “The Moonwatcher” (2018). “Dancing with words” to be performed at Kala Sangam and “Making Manchester” a migration story told through physical theatre, music and poetry will be performed at the RNCM, October 2019. Further information: https://www.shamshadkhan.co.uk


Live streams will play here when we’re live.